Social Media

Social Media

As we’ve transformed into the digital age, our customers now have instant access to information and they’re consuming this information differently which means they’re making decisions differently. Social media marketing allows your business to reconnect with customers, allowing you to build your brand, gain exposure and influence purchasing decisions.

Rumour Studio | Social Media Marketing Services

Our social media services include:

  1. Social media strategy

    We create an overall social media marketing strategy that lays out a plan of what we intend to do on each platform and what we aim to achieve.

  2. Social media content plan

    Posts for your chosen social media platforms are written in a way that encourages new leads and engages and nurtures existing customers.

  3. Digital design

    We design digital content assets that are mostly used on the web to attract new customers. This includes social media and paid media graphics.

  4. Social media management

    The social media management process brings all of the above steps together and involves the scheduling, analysing and community management of each platform. The social media platforms are managed daily and the results analysed to ensure the strategy objectives are being achieved.

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