Brand Development & Design

Brand Development & Design

We assist with the development and management of your brand from logo conceptualisation and creation, corporate identity development through to the designs of your marketing collateral. Distinguish yourself from others in the market to increase awareness, build trust and loyalty.


A good brand leaves a lasting memorable impression with your customers.

Rumour Studio | Brand Development and Design Services

Our brand development and design services include:

  1. Brand identity

    A brand will distinguish you from competitors and make you recognisable to customers. We host workshops to assist you in defining your company brand. By attending this workshop we will unpack your brand values, personality, tone of voice, visual identity and more.

  2. Logo design

    If you’re in the market for a new logo want a fresh new take on your current logo we can help you create a distinctive, unique and unforgettable graphic to visually convey your company brand, message and image.

  3. Corporate identity

    This document brings your brand identity together into a single image for your company. It makes up the look of the brand and includes your company colours, graphics, fonts, do’s and don’ts for logo positions and more.

  4. Digital, print and graphic design

    We design any media material used to promote a product or service. This includes printable collateral such as brochures, fact sheets, folders, business cards, flyers and so much more. As well as digital content assets that are mostly used on the web to attract new customers. Examples of content assets include Ebooks, infographics, case studies, white papers, checklists, video, and social media and paid media graphics.

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